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Simsan BucketMate Toilet
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                The SimSan BucketMate Toilet Explained!  
Three main features of the SimSan toilet which make human waste amazingly easy to
deal with are given below;  
FIRSTLY;  the SimSan BucketMate toilet intercepts over 95 percent of the
directing it away from the toilet to another designated place.  Thus care of the
urine, which is around 90 percent of human waste, can be largely automatic.  The
urine can be drained into another smaller container, or drained into a large storage
area to be used as a  liquid fertilizer, or the urine can be simply wasted and
automatically drained into a seepage area.  Regarding urine, there is little excuse for it
draining where it should not since the combined urine of a village of 500 is no more
urine than 2/10 inch of rain daily on a garden 45 ft square and which most times would
be easy to keep from draining where it should not.  Further, if the urine is kept apart
from the feces, even if sometimes it does drain where it should not, it does not matter
so much.  Note, although  2/10 inch of rain should easily be absorbed without any
runoff, and such on a small garden 45 feet square should be easy to control, it is yet
amazingly 250 gallons.
SECONDLY; the SimSan BucketMate toilet incorporates a unique gate that
needs ONLY opened for defecting and remains closed at ALL other times.  Thus this
gate most always nicely blocks the repulsive feces area and needles odor, while
further it helps intercept more of the urine.  Regarding males the SimSan toilet
intercepts all the urine even with the gate open for defecating, and regarding females
(according to tests so far) it intercepts around 80 percent with the gate open.  This
calculates out to a 98 percent urine interception rate, because most times the gate
does not need opened and thus most times the toilet intercepts all the urine.  This high
rate of interception keeps the feces bucket much dryer while using very little soil.
THIRDLY; the SimSan BucketMate toilet system, divides the feces bucket into
four individual and smaller cells.
 Smaller cells not only help cut odor but allow very
little soil to cover and sanitarily deal with the feces,  while also allowing the feces
bucket to have much more capacity, being up to 30 or more times of defecating before
needing to be emptied.  When one cell gets full the SimSan toilet is simply rotated on
top the bucket to fill the next cell.  In testing for minimum requirements we have used
as little as one cup of top soil after defecating and it worked.  Yet we have a special
soil scoop with a flat front and in testing for minimum requirements, first use about 1/2
cup of soil then press the material down and level, and then add around another 1/2
cup of soil.  
With a bit of care it scarcely takes any soil to sanitarily deal with the feces and have no
odor.  It naturally works best to use dryer topsoil which is quite mellow, while it appears
conditioned or composted soil-feces material from the year before could be used for
covering soil.  As such, after the system gets going there would be plenty of easy to
use covering material conveniently available.  Amazingly when the feces bucket is
poured out there is basically no odor, and the four cell container after being emptied
has little or no odor and never needs cleaned and just needs soil added.  For many
years top soil has been known for its abilities to cut odor.  The feces-soil bucket is also
quite easy to pour out as very little urine is present and the material thus drier. The
feces and soil mix should be poured out and piled in a place where water does not run
through and where it gathers as much natural warmth as possible and there allowed to
age and decay, as warmth and age destroy pathogens.  In due time even the feces no
longer is a threat to the environment but can enhance the growth of plants.  
The wonderful thing is that all the above vital features can all be included in a toilet
that is ultra simple and inexpensive and which hopefully will not cost more than 10.00.  
This is the toilet we intend to mass produce when enough funds for molds are
attained. This toilet could be a family toilet for one or several poor families, and could
transform what often causes stench, sickness, and disease into safe fertilizer and
healthy gardens.  Remember any toilet design on this site may be freely shared or
copied.  To see various toilet designs and features good for various applications
please see
this link.  Some of our toilet designs would also be very useful in
developed countries, and some require no soil.  A small BLOWER has been attached
to these simple toilets, while with such they are much more odor free when defecting
than common flush toilets, as well as being odor free when not being used.