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       To make your pledge firstly click here to download the pledge page, secondly fill in the blanks, and thirdly email
the completed form to bender@liftupthepoor.net.  Note, the form is in Microsoft Word format.  The downloaded page will
appear like the page shown below.  
  Here is an opportunity to contribute to a good cause and where giving a little will give a lot and further where you get
paid for your pledge!  Here's how it works.  When you make your pledge you immediately get paid one percent of
whatever you pledge and don't need to contribute anything until the full goal of the pledge drive is pledged.  Further if for
some reason the full goal of the pledge drive is not attained, you are not required to give your pledge at all while also you
make keep the one percent you were paid for making the pledge.  Some restrictions apply.  Contributors will receive a
monthly email with updates on progress being made.
 In phase one of this effort Sare Plastics of Alliance, Ohio is contemplating doing the first molding while Hope Haven
International Ministries contemplating distributing them in poor countries where greatly needed while likely other aid
organizations will become involved.  These partners' websites are www.SarePlastics.com/   and
www.HopeHavenInternational.org .
Fund Drive and Operation Phase One
Pledges for molds for a revolutionary new dry toilet.