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Needless Filth, Disease, and Poverty Abounds
May we care enough to stop, think, research and
consider what could be done to help!

I (Bender) have been working part time at an injection
molding plant hoping to learn more about plastic molding
and hoping to sometime be able to purchase molds to
make various HSS toilet systems, or at least to purchase  
molds for making the simple SimSan Bucket-Mate toilet.  I
in seeing the many luxurious plastic items being made,
wish so much at least one of these molding machines
could be molding a most simple toilet to help the needs as
shown on this page.  Yet at this time funds are lacked.  
Many kind people have sought to care for the sick and
poor, and in observing these photos may we be motivated
to do the same.  The combined help of many, even if little,
adds up and can do wonders!  
Various simple sanitation systems, together with just a little
teaching and a little change, could make such a difference
regarding, sanitation, disease, and food supply.