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The SimSan BucketMate Toilet
Can be used with a
common bucket for most simple sanition.  
Urine drains to another location.
Although our focus has been developing sanitation systems for
the poor, some of our designs are also very practical for developed countries.
ExploringNaturesPossiblities.com another of Bender's websites, includes  
numerous earlier systems not shown here, as well as other designs of Bender not related to sanitation.   
The SimSan Portable All In One Toilet
Urine is easily emptied through
hose  and the  feces compartment is easily
is removed to be emptied.   
Waste Mounding Pull Away System
No need to empty the bin.  When the
bin is full simply move the room and bin ahead.  
Three Similar Yet Different Unique Portable Systems!
Click on any design for a larger photo and more information.
Various Sanitation Designs
By Bender - Health Sanitation Systems - HSS
The SimSan Chlorine Toilet
Has a simple built in mixer which allows
all waste to be emptied through small hose
and while waste area remains sealed.  
Uses no soil  
A possible manner of making slots
to apply urine.  A child could ride on the rig to
provide weight, and get off and on as needed
Squat Pan System
This squat pan employs a gate that is ONLY
opened for defecating, and which gate not only blocks
odor and the unsightly but also helps intercept more urine.
Composting Toilet Footrest Systems
Although all these designs may be freely copied we would appreciate if those
who are able would contribute something to "Health Sanitation Systems" for the  development effort.  We would
appreciate if those who copy them would at least contact us and let us know what is happening.  Thank you.  
An all new toilet and waste disposing system
A new waste conditioning and piling system
A new indoor soil flush toilet system!
A new gate and gate control
system. Good for all non flush toilets.  
If these links do not work please try another web browser.  Contact us if still unaccesable  
Proprietor of HSS
A  Bender
      Bender expects no one to
be interested in this possibly
repulsive project except those
who  sometimes might need a
Washing system  and squat toilet design.
A Seepage Bed System
To see more animations on
various systems click the below links
Bender can do very little alone, patience and help is needed.  
Single Arm Waste Removal and Elevation System
The Wee-Pee, where
a vital toilet and a most simple
enclosure meet!  
The Hygienic Earth Block And Flush
Toilet (HEBAF toilet).  Most simple earth flush system!!