Yet another amazing occurrence
Rock springs out of ground and confronts a church.

Bender had dreams wherein he was perilously buried alive,
and at times felt like his extensive efforts of seeking rock bottom
truth (as well as humanitarian efforts), largely lie buried  like the unique rock in his lawn.  He
often prayed that his various endeavors, and mostly that truth founded on the rock, would
someday spring out of the ground.  Interestingly less than a week after starting this
www.HeavensFingerPrints.net site, and the very day after a special prayer for blessing and
outpouring  upon Bender was made by zealous Christians, it was published in the national
news that a huge rock (about the size of the rock uniquely buried in Bender's front lawn) did
amazingly spring out of the ground.  Further the rock amazingly rolled right up to a church, and
although it had weight to crush the church, it stopped just 12 inches short of crushing or
damaging it.  Please see the below video.

May those truths which are built on the rock, but have largely been buried, suddenly
be blasted out of the ground and may they come swiftly to the church, and although such truth
may be surprising and heavy and have weight to trouble and even crush the drifting church,
may it have mercy and stop short of wounding or crushing it, and rather restore it. "Truth shall
spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven."  (Psa 85:11).

Interestingly Bender while typing this last addition is typing with plastic bags
on his hands as he applied much ointment to his fingers as they had many small painful cuts in
them from working with  sharp materials earlier in the day.  It now impresses Bender while
oddly typing with thick ointment on his fingers  and plastic bags on his hands (as he does not
remember ever doing before), that hereby and symbolically he is not putting any finger prints
on this page, and thus may this site bear solely HeavensFingerPrints rather than Bender's.
This web page shares several of the many phenomenal incidents Bender
encountered in his life of digging for rock bottom truth.  Bender has largely an Amish
background.  These supernatural incidents are as fingerprints which God placed upon
Bender’s life to encourage and teach him in a world where dissensions abound and
where solid rock truth often lies hidden from view.  Although some might try to hid from
the truth Jesus spoke of the truth setting free.  Although man's religions are often
oppressive and slowly change, heaven's fingerprints do not change. Thus heaven's
original and gracious fingerprints might surprise or even strain many religious people, as
also do various liberal manners common in Biblical History.  Recently Bender was very
pleased to learn of the Sermon of the Liberated Whale, whose unique Valentine's Day
message nicely endorsed the supernatural fingerprints as placed on his life.  God can
and does speak in amazing manners!
God also uniquely showed His
liberating and romantic fingerprints  in the
Sermon or the Whale, which involves a jubilant
display of a liberated whale on Valentine's Day
2011.  Please see
regarding such.  Bender just learned of the
Sermon of the Whale at Valentine's Season
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Whale caught in a net
Whale set free
Please see http://www.TeachMeGod.com/home19b.htm to better understand
why God, although presently sparing, could also be warning the church through this rock
stopping in such a confronting and ready to strike position.

Jesus not only spoke of the stone crushing, but also spoke of the stone which
the builders rejected becoming the head of the corner.  Too often religious builders want to
promote their own hand and thus reject God's hand and rock.  Although God's hand holds
good things, too often the blessing is forfeited because of man's pride, and crushing rather
is or will be experienced.  Jesus weeping over Jerusalem said, "If thou hadst known, even
thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid
from thine eyes." (Luke 19:42).  Although many might seek to minimize the rock and hand
of God, rather than humbly falling on it and proclaiming it, the rock of truth and hand of God
in due time will crush and prevail and become the head of the corner and creation.
Hand seen in space
"And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever
it shall fall, it will grind him to powder." (Jesus words, Matthew 21:44)
"Truth shall spring out of the earth..."  (Psa 85:11).
Rock Spares, Yet  Warningly Confronts Church
To read about another amazing occurrence that encouraged Bender on
a project that could help many suffering people see
How Many More Miracles Do You Need Hymn
According to the 68-75 seconds section of the below video the rock
stopped quite suddenly.  The almost could roll ahead position the rock stopped in, and
with so little holding it back, makes the abrupt stop of the rock seem very odd.  Other
aspects that are unique are how close it got without hitting, secondly the shape of the
rock being somewhat like a bullet, and thirdly the bullet amazing aligned as
if to strike the church but was restrained.
Watch the rock stop.  Note how suddenly it stops with very little stopping it.  
To see a ministry with many miracles research,  Iris Ministries.  
On February 10,1989 Bender mass mailed a vehement article, regarding
the great need to be personally anchored in the living Word of God, to those who
strongly advocated unquestioningly trusting their church.  On February 10, 2014, exactly
twenty five years after that mass mailing, Bender very much remembered and
contemplated that mass mailing and
his mostly rejected article which so emphatically
advocated the need of a solid and personal anchor.  Uniquely on that very day the below
video appeared on his Facebook page which phenomenally demonstrates the need of
being weighted and anchored in truth, and especially as we are lowered into the grave, a
place where no human can reach to assist.  Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of
Truth, and we must be open for what is founded on the rock of ages.  Having strained at
gnats or swallowed camels to thus understand, or not understand, what we want or as
our peers, will be weighed in the balances and found sinking sand as the grave moves to
meet us.  May we love the truth enough dig for it and to change our minds as Bender
needed to repeatedly do in the last 25 years. Too many Christians in judging a matter,
merely inquire as to what others might think.  Thus many lack digging deep, and  lack
both finding and falling on the ROCK as Jesus spoke of.  Thus their anchor not being
secured  to the ROCK will give way, and rather the ROCK will fall upon them and grind to
powder and the ruin of that house will be great as Jesus also spoke of, and the below
video vividly shows.  To be anchored on the rock of ages is far more to be desired than
having great fame, so as the whole world might attend our funeral.
Interestingly the special prayer by zealous Christians for Bender, who had felt
his efforts lie buried like the rock in his lawn, to be filled and blessed was made on Mother's
Day.  The rock that sprung out of the ground, and which threated yet amazingly spared the
church, was then in the national news the Monday after Mother's Day (Monday May 12,
2014).  Below are three videos regarding other special Mother's Day occurrences as
experienced by others, and all vividly relating to infilling and God's power.  Note, although
only a very short preset segment will play, the full message of each video is very good!
Heaven's Mother's Day FingerPrints?  What do they mean?
The three above Mother's day occurrences all initiated a special blessing,
ingathering, and revival, although rejected by too many.  Rejected by those who wanted a
God and religion who they could conveniently set in their traditional church pews, rather than
a God who had power to do disrupting miracles and who although benevolent and liberal yet
asked to be their captain, and wanted to place them in His church pews.  
Some interesting issues about the rock are;
Another Unique Yet Sobering Event.
A vital Scripture relevant to Mother's Day reads, "Can a woman
forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea,
they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. ...Lift up thine eyes round about, and behold: All
these gather themselves together, and come to thee..."  (Isaiah 49:15&18).  This Mother's Day
Scripture together with the surrounding verses, emphatically speaks of a new and vital restoring
of God's children, and such as God fittingly began in the Mother's Day incidents in the three
above videos.  Amazingly the huge rock also sprung out of the ground, and shockingly
approached the church, in a Mother's Day framework.  Thank you God for your Mother's Day
miracles instigating healing and revival among your children, and reminding us of your great
care that exceeds that of a mother.  May we experience and believe in Your care!  Oh God,
keenly remember your weak earthly children, who so greatly need your miracle working fingers
to assist and guide them, and not only on Mother's Day but throughout the year!  
A Noteworthy Fingerprint Left By The Above Mother's Day Incidents
Yet another unique event.
Miscellaneous Unique Occurrences
The Walnuts
In my dad's latter years he cracked walnuts, such being something he could yet do.  
After he died I still had a bag of those walnuts and was slowly eating them.  Yet as I got toward
the bottom of the bag I could hardly eat the last of the walnuts as they seemed too special to just
eat. Thus in due time I decided to respectfully bury the remaining walnuts. I felt a little strange while
burying them and told no one of it, and thought I might never tell anyone.  I buried them in a very
shallow grave with newly fallen leaves helping cover all evidence of my digging.  I had some tears
while burying them and for some reason was singing the song "I will meet you in the morning by
the bright river side".  Although I felt a bit strange for burying them, for some reason in an hour or
so I decided to tell my wife I had buried dad's remaining walnuts.  Her answer was astonishing and
wonderful as she without knowing I had buried the walnuts or where I had buried them, told me she
had just planted a flower and in doing so had dug up a little plastic bag, and thus we discovered
that she had unknowingly planted a flower in the very hole I had buried the walnuts in memory and
respect to my dad!  Thank you God for your amazing hands and fingers showing us you care
about our pains, and confirming to us how  life and beauty can spring even out of death!
The Coming Crash
In the past I have had numerous dreams which made me predict a great
crash of some kind was coming to our land.  Yet there also came a time in my life when I began to
doubt my crash expectations and  to wonder whether I misunderstood my dreams.  This was at a
time when I needed to build a quite large shop, such as I thought I would never  need because
things would soon crash anyway.  Thus I went to the lumber yard very much wondering about my
expectations of a crash, and whether I was misled  in these expectations.  Yet amazingly while in
the lumber yard office making my material order, suddenly a tremendous bolt of thunder struck,
greatly startling us all and causing the lady behind the counter to jerk and spill her coffee over
herself.  It was a tremendous bold of thunder and further there was none other before or after.  Yes
it was an amazing crash right at the time when I was doubting my revelations of a crash.  I did not
tell the people in the office what I had been thinking about at the time, but the next day or so when I
returned to the lumber yard, a man at the desk asked me if I brought the thunder along again, and
further said he would not forget it for a long time.  The unique clap of thunder at that unique time
very much confirmed to me that God had not forgotten the message about the crash He had given
me, and that even if things were not according to my thinking and timing, the crash will come to
pass in God's time and way.   
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